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 A Brief Overview 

Do you want to be healthy, energised, active and toned?

H.E.A.T. Personal Training & Weight Management is a private, home based personal training studio located in Safety Bay, Western Australia.


As a Personal Trainer and Weight Management Practitioner, I have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry.

I possess a number of qualifications, including a Bachelor of Science (Medical Science), Diploma of Aerobics, Certificate III and IV in Fitness,  Certificate IV In Weight Management Counselling, Certificate in Exercise Rehabilitation and a Diploma of Fitness.

As your Personal Trainer, I understand that every individual will require different training methods and I will take the time to improve your technique and understanding of the exercises and your fitness program.

Fitness and nutrition is about life long, sustainable practices. I strongly believe that exercise is about helping to improve the strength, fitness, mobility and flexibility of your body, helping you to move more freely and comfortably in every day activities.

Your diet is about providing your body with the macro & micronutrients to nourish your body without the excessive calories,without cutting whole food groups and without being complicated.

My approach to your fitness program is multifaceted. I teach you how to move more efficiently and how to incorporate physical activity into your everyday routine. You learn how to eat a nutritious diet without cutting out whole food groups and without the guilt.


So if you are wanting to improve your fitness, decrease your body fat and be the best version of you, look no further than H.E.A.T. Personal Training! 


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Personal Training


One on one training in the privacy of a home based studio. Sessions focus on resistance training and cardiovascular training.



Assessments are performed at your first session and then every four weeks. This helps to track your progress - including loss of body fat, improved fitness, increased flexibility and increased strength.

Online Programs

You can purchase online programs which will be emailed to you.



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